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23 Maj
28 Maj
29 Maj
Stockholm Marathon-ÖstermalmStockholm
31 Maj
10 Juli
Krutan LiveÖsthammar
1 Augusti
Festivalen HamnkalasNorrtälje
1 Augusti
Festivalen LakesideGnesta
6 Augusti
9 Augusti
Info soonUmeå
21 Augusti
11+12 September
19 September
7 December
Friends Arena (WeAreOne galan)Solna
7 April
Café OperaStockholm


Nowadays, when tv channels compete with each other in airing various talent shows, it is easy to forget that there are in fact young aspiring artists who craft their skills by actually performing, year in and year out, in front of a real live audience – and not for a few weeks in front of tv crew. Amanda Levin and Jennifer Filipsson, both 19, are two examples of young artists who 
write their own music and lyrics, and aren’t cutting any corners when it comes to getting their music heard.

They became friends when they were 13, after being room mates on a music camp for kids. Since a year or so they sing and write music together as the duo Ambition 17, and are just about to finish their last year at a music high school in their home town Stockholm, Sweden. Over the years they have seized every opportunity to sing in front of an audience, and have thus gained solid experience from stages, large and small, all over Sweden.

Ambition 17 is an indie pop duo that makes electronic dance music. That is the rather unusual, yet well fitting, description of the music made by Amanda Levin and Jennifer Filipsson. In the lyrics of their songs they sing about life and their own reality, about living in a city, expressing young thoughts and feelings 2015. Accompanied by steady pulsating beats.

Ambition 17 feel equally at home in the indie clubs, as on the dance floors.– When I was little, and was asked what I wanted to be when I grow up, I always replied: Beyoncé. I guess that is how I found out that I wanted to become an artist, tells Jennifer Filipsson.

– I have always loved being up there on the stage singing. When I was a child I used to sing on all family gatherings and parties. Now, me and Jennifer share the same goal, and that is to make it in the music industry. We’re gonna work as hard as it takes to get there, says Amanda Levin.


  • Name: Amanda Levin and Jennifer Filipsson
  • Age: 19 years old
  • From: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Type of music: indie dance-pop
  • Label: StarLab

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